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Building Permits:  Available from Building Inspector
Contact Information for SAFEbuilt Building Inspector:
     Dan Burrows, 608-800-2014 or madisoninspections@safebuilt.com
     Inspection line:  608-688-0997
     Chris Butschke, 608-576-6371
     Kati Vokovitch, Office Manager, 292-955-3014
Please note:  Zoning Permit is required before a Building Permit can be issued.

Town of Plymouth Building Permits and Inspections Fee Schedule

Wisconsin Uniform Permit

General Fee Schedule:


  DOG:  Available from Town Treasurer

          Dog License Information and Zoning Regulations

2017 Dog License Application (Application also available at Town Office)
Male/Female: $15.00
Neutered/Spayed: $10.00
Puppy:  $7.50
Additional Late Fee: $7.00  per dog (Only applies if licensed after March 31st )
Multiple Dog:  $35.00  (Dog Kennel License required)

DOG KENNEL:  Application available from Town Clerk;  Approved by Town Board
Dog Kennel License: $50.00                 

  LIQUOR: Application available from Town Clerk; Approved by Town Board

Class “B” Beer:  $100.00 plus publication fee
Class “B” Liquor:  $500.00 plus publication fee
Operator’s (Bartender):  $25.00


   Permits - Building:  Available from Building Inspector.  See above Fee Schedule.
   Zoning Permit may be required before Building Inspector can issue a Building Permit.

   Permits - Raze:  Available from Building Inspector.  See above Fee Schedule.
          This Permit is required before any building or structure is taken down. 

   Permits - Driveway:   Available from Planning & Zoning Chairperson

          Driveway Permit Application  (Application also available at Town Office)

          Commercial Driveway:  $300.00
          Field Entrance:  $100.00
          Intersecting Public Road:  $150.00
          Entrance to Park or Public Lands:  No Charge
          Private Driveway:  $150.00
          Shared Driveway:  $100.00 per Property Owner
          Re-inspection Fee:  $150.00

   Permits - Zoning:  Available from Zoning Officer
           Zoning Permit is required before Building Inspector can issue a Building Permit.

           Zoning Permit Application  (Application also available at Town Office)

           Zoning Permit Fee:  $35.00
           Re-issue/reinspection Zoning Permit Fee:  $35.00

   Permits - Home Occupation:  Application available from Town Clerk
            Home Occupation (Residential Areas):  $35.00

Planning and Zoning:

Zoning-Land Use Changes Application listed below is used for rezoning, conditional use permit, and variance requests.  Please contact the Planning & Zoning Chairperson before submitting any request.   Please note:  If your request would involve a land division, you first must contact Rock County Planning Department.
   Zoning - Land Use Changes Information
   Zoning - Land Use Changes Application  (
Application also available at Town Office)
   Application Fees:
 Conditional Use:  $ 300.00
     Rezoning:  $300.00
     Variance:   $300.00 plus any costs
          New Tower:  $3000.00
          Addition to existing tower:  $1000.00
          Livestock Facility:  $1000.00

Misc. Fees: Contact Town Clerk or Treasurer

Copy:  $0.25 per page
Special Assessment letter/certificate:  $10.00
Zoning Ordinance Book:  $10.00

Fees approved 12/13/2016 by Resolution 2016-05

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