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– Meets the Last Tuesday of the Month at 7 p.m. at Town Hall.

The function and duty of the Planning and Zoning Committee is to review all plat, subdivision and zoning changes and forward said recommendations to the Town Board.  The Committee also approves Conditional Use Permits.  The Town Board Chairperson appoints five citizens to serve on the Committee.  One member serves as the Planning and Zoning Chairperson and is the presiding officer at the Planning and Zoning meetings. The Planning & Zoning Committee Chairperson has a vote like any other member. One member serves as Planning & Zoning Committee Secretary and prepares the agendas & minutes of the meetings. Committee members are appointed and serve staggered 3 year terms.


Brad Inman, Planning and Zoning Chairperson,  608-879-2106,
Ann Redmer, Planning & Zoning Secretary, 608-201-7188
Alan Connell, 608-931-9588
Lee Schroeder, 608-751-4984
Charlie Vogt, 608-879-2237

ZONING, VARIANCES, AND CONDITIONAL USE REQUESTS: Contact Planning and Zoning Chairperson, Brad Inman, 608-879-2106, if you are considering rezoning a parcel, requesting a variance from an ordinance or requesting a conditional use permit. Application form information and all forms are available on the Town’s website and at the Town Office.

Zoning - Land Use Changes Information
Zoning - Land Use Changes Application  (Application also available at Town Office)