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Jul 25, 2017

JULY 25, 2017
8219 W. HIGH ST.
Committee Members Present:  Brad Inman (Chairman), Lee Schroeder, Charlie Vogt, Ann Redmer and Alan Connell.
Others Present: Bill Redmer, Sean Snyder, Vanessa Herald and Pete Weston.
Notice of the meeting having been properly posted July 22, 2017 at the Plymouth Town Hall and on the Town of Plymouth website, the meeting was called to order by Brad Inman, Chairman, at 7:03 pm at the Plymouth Town Hall. The Pledge of Allegiance followed.
Approval of Agenda: Moved by Lee Schroeder, seconded by Charlie Vogt to approve the agenda as posted for the July 25, 2017 meeting.  Approved on a 5 – 0 voice vote.
Approval of the minutes of the June 27, 2017 meeting: Motion made by Alan Connell, seconded by Lee Schroeder to approved the minutes as presented. Approved on a 5 – 0 voice vote. Ann Redmer pointed out that there was a typographical error in the minutes of the May 30 meeting. The minutes stated that the committee voted to approve the minutes of the March 28, 2017 meeting when the vote was to approve the minutes of the April 25, 2017 meeting. It was moved by Ann Redmer and seconded by Brad Inman to correct that error. The motion was approved on a 5 – 0 voice vote.
Citizen Participation, Communications, and Announcements: None.
Travis Schuh Violation: Chairman Brad Inman pointed out that Mr. Schuh was not in attendance at the meeting although the committee secretary had sent him a reminder letter. It was reported by Lee Schroeder that the demolition of the building on the Travis Schuh property was underway but not completed. Ann Redmer stated that she had communicated with Mary from SafeBuilt and that Mr. Schuh had spoken with SafeBuilt on the telephone regarding a raze permit and Mary had mailed him an application but that as of the date of the meeting that application had not been returned and demolition was underway without the required permit. In addition, as per communication with the town clerk and town treasurer, Mr. Schuh has not paid the town’s expenses of $511.76. It was moved by Ann Redmer and seconded by Charlie Vogt to recommend to the town board that the matter be sent to the town’s attorney for adjudication. Motion passed 5 – 0 on a voice vote.
Vanessa Herald Zoning and Building Permits for a new home on A-2 parcel: Vanessa Herald was present along with her architect Pete Weston from Fort Atkinson. Brad Inman opened the discussion with an explanation of how confusion had developed regarding Ms. Herald’s plans over a lengthy period of time and multiple telephone conversations. Lee Schroeder stated that when the issue came before the planning and zoning committee originally, the committee had told Ms. Herald that two houses would not be allowed on her property and subsequently, on 5/23/17, a zoning permit was issued for a “single family” building. But in subsequent phone conversations, Ms. Herald was led to understand that she could build two separate structures attached by a walkway. The town board was made aware of this during the permitting process when SafeBuilt issued separate building permits and the Rock County planning department notified the town that the “possible second house” or “cottage” was not included in their permits and not allowed under the property’s A-2 zoning.
The committee reviewed the current plans for construction on the property and agreed by consensus that the plans were for two separate structures. Lengthy discussion ensued on what type of building would be allowed and it was agreed that a duplex was permitted if occupied by a parent or child. Then a lengthy discussion ensued on what constituted a duplex. The committee agreed by consensus that a duplex is a single building with two separate living quarters connected by a wall, floor and roof. As a compromise with the current plans, a motion was made by Alan Connell and seconded by Ann Redmer to recommend that the town board allow for a revision of the original zoning permit to indicate that it is for a duplex. Motion passed on a 5 – 0 voice vote. It was further moved by Alan Connell and seconded by Ann Redmer that the town board require that Ms. Herald’s plans be revised to reflect the requirement that the two living units of the duplex be connected by a frost protecting floor and a contiguous roof. This second motion was also passed on a 5 – 0 voice vote.
Possible Solar Project:  Brad Inman reported that he had had communication with Joshua Furnald regarding a contract for a solar energy project of the Hetzgard farm on Orfordville/Hanover Road. The project is considered to be permissible on agriculturally zoned land because it is considered “farming of solar energy.” It may need a conditional use permit. The issue will be placed on the next committee meeting agenda.
Topics for Next Agenda: The following were suggested as items for the August meeting agenda – the Possible Solar Project, clarification of definitions in the Zoning Ordinance, and any unresolved issues regarding zoning permission for construction on the Vanessa Herald property.
Adjournment: Moved by Ann Redmer, seconded by Alan Connell to adjourn the meeting at 8:35 pm. Motion carried 5 – 0 on a voice vote.

Ann Redmer, Secretary
Town of Plymouth Planning and Zoning Committee
Rock County, Wisconsin


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