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Planning & Zoning Meeting
Jan 31, 2017

                                 TOWN OF PLYMOUTH
JANUARY 31, 2017
8219 W. HIGH ST.
Committee Members Present: Brad Inman (Chairman), Lee Schroeder, Charlie Vogt, Ann Redmer, Alan Connell.
Committee Members Absent: none.
Others present: Sean Snyder, Bill Redmer, Archie Reese, Michelle Calkins, and Bill Zimney.
1. Notice of the meeting having been properly posted January 28, 2017 at the Plymouth Town Hall and on the Town of Plymouth Website, the meeting was called to order by Brad Inman, Chairman, at 7:00 pm at the Plymouth Town Hall. The pledge of Allegiance followed.
2. Approval of the agenda: Moved by Lee Schroeder, seconded by Ann Redmer to approve the agenda as posted for the January 31, 2017 meeting. Approved on a 5 – 0 voice vote.
3. Appointment of Committee Secretary: Chairman Brad Inman stated that he wished to appoint Ann Redmer as Committee Secretary on a permanent basis noting that she has done a good job in the position on an acting basis. Redmer stated that she would be happy to accept the appointment but pointed out that Alan Connell had indicated interest in the past. Connell stated that he had no objection to the appointment of Redmer as Committee Secretary. Appointment was thus made by Chairman Inman.
4. Approval of the minutes of the December 27, 2016 meeting. Motion made by Charlie Vogt, seconded by Alan Connell to approve the minutes as presented. Approved on a 5 – 0 voice vote.
5. Citizen Participation, Communications, and Announcements: none.
6. PUBLIC HEARING: To hear a request for rezoning 4.11 acres in the NW 1/4 of SW ¼, of Section 12, Town of Plymouth, Rock County, Wisconsin from B-1 to A-3. Parcel # 6-15-113.2 Requested by Archie and Delores Reese.
a. Hearing/Discussion

1.) Michelle Calkins questioned the pros and cons of the rezoning. It was explained that the advantage of the rezoning would be the return of the land to agricultural use and the ceasing of non-agricultural business activities on the property. Zoning Ordinance Section 4.6 Agricultural District Three (1) Purpose and Intent and (2) Permitted Uses was discussed. Calkins asked if the current tenant would still be parking a semi there noting that this traffic to the site and use of J brakes caused noise and disturbance to neighbors. Sean Snyder clarified that this semi traffic was allowed as the resident was travelling to and from work. It was pointed out that one farm residence was permitted on A3 property.  It was requested that Archie Reese discuss the J Brake/noise issue with his tenant and try to resolve the problem without town intervention.
2.) Ann Redmer questioned the number of buildings existing on the property which would be allowable with B1 zoning but would exceed the square footage allowable for 4.11 acres of A3 land. The concern would be if this were setting a precedent. Discussion ensued.
Committee consensus was that this would not be a problem as the buildings are not recent construction, that it was not believed that a precedent would be set, and there was still approximately 3 acres of the property available for an agricultural use which in fact was in use for corn at present. Also, the buildings would continue to be taxed as improvements even with the zoning change.
3.) Sean Snyder raised the issue of a commercial or construction trailer present on the property. This would not be allowed to remain under A3 zoning. The committee concurred that this trailer would need to be removed.
4.) Brad Inman noted that although the semi traffic/parking is permissible as long as it is used by the resident driving to and from work, no mechanical work or automotive work can be done on it or for other purposes on the property.

b. Action: Moved by Lee Schroeder, seconded by Alan Connell to recommend approval to the Town Board the rezoning request from B1 to A3 with the understanding that the conditional use permit for a business on the property will become void, that there will be no mechanical or automotive work allowed on the property and that the commercial/construction trailer will be removed as a contingency of approval. Motion approved 5 – 0 on a voice vote.
7. Topics for the Next Agenda: Three items were identified for inclusion in next month’s agenda. The first was the structure being constructed on the Travis Schuh property on Highway 213. The owner has been contacted by the Town Compliance Officer and by legal, but a resolution has not been reached. The second was the property owned by Leon Govert at the corner of Pinnow Grove Road and Highway 213 on which it appears an addition to a pole barn may be under construction. The third was identification and implementation of a methodology for keeping the committee apprised of which projects in the town were current with their required zoning and building permits.
8. Adjournment: A motion was made by Brad Inman to adjourn; seconded by Charlie Vogt. Motion was approved 5 – 0 on a voice vote at 7:45 pm.

Ann Redmer, Secretary
Town of Plymouth Planning and Zoning Committee

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