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Planning & Zoning Meeting
Mar 28, 2017

MARCH 28, 2017
8219 W. HIGH ST.

Committee Members Present:  Brad Inman (Chairman), Lee Schroeder, Charlie Vogt, Ann Redmer.
Committee Members Absent:  Alan Connell.
Others Present: Bill Redmer, Sean Snyder, Travis Schuh, Roger Nelson, Peggy Nelson.

1. Notice of the meeting having been properly posted March 25, 2017 at the Plymouth Town Hall and on the Town of Plymouth website, the meeting was called to order by Brad Inman, Chairman, at 7:01pm at the Plymouth Town Hall. The Pledge of Allegiance followed.

2. Approval of Agenda: Moved by Lee Schroeder, seconded by Charlie Vogt to approve the agenda as posted for the March 28, 2017 meeting.  Approved on a 4 – 0 voice vote.

3. Approval of the minutes of the February 28, 2017 meeting: Motion made by Charlie Vogt, seconded by Ann Redmer to approved the minutes as presented. Approved on a 4 – 0 voice vote.

4. Citizen Participation, Communications, and Announcements: None.

5. Travis Schuh Property Issue: Mr. Schuh was present and explained that he had not sought any permits to build the structure under consideration because, although he is in the plumbing business, he was not aware that he needed a permit to build an accessory building nor that he needed to comply with zoning restrictions on his property. He stated that he started out to build a storage shed and got carried away and added a second story and, because he had no other deck, added one to that second story. He stated that he had received the stop order notice and the letter from the Town lawyer and the letter regarding the meeting. The committee chairperson explained to Mr. Schuh that he was in violation of the Town Zoning Ordinance. He built without a zoning permit or a building permit. His building violates height restrictions, and may violate set back restrictions as well. As no inspection was made, there may also be other violations that the committee is not aware of at this time. Section 4.8 of the Town Zoning Ordinance – Residential District (R-1) was reviewed with Mr. Schuh. It was pointed out by the chairperson and by the town compliance officer, Sean Snyder, that the building would not qualify for a variance. Discussion ensued as to options of razing the structure, moving the structure off the property or bringing the structure into compliance with fines for the violation. It was moved by Ann Redmer to have Mr. Schuh apply for a zoning permit and building inspection at double fees, with reimbursement for the town’s legal expenses and a substantial fine going back to the notice in January. The motion died for lack of a second. It was moved by Brad Inman and seconded by Charlie Vogt to table the issue to the next meeting to gather more information on attorney fees,  potential fines, the need to raze another hoop structure on the property and whether the structure can be brought into compliance with zoning restrictions. Motion passed 4 – 0 on a voice vote.

6. Business on Roger and Peggy Nelson’s Property: The Nelsons explained that they were not running a business on their property. They stated that they had allowed family and friends to have parties and wedding receptions on their farm, but these were only personal events and not conducted for reimbursement. They stated they did not intend to run a business at this time. Section 4.4 of the Zoning Ordinance – Agricultural District One (A – 1) page 18, Section (3) Conditional Uses, Subsection (D) Non-Agricultural Business was reviewed. The process for applying for a conditional use permit was also reviewed should the Nelsons consider such a business in the future. It was clarified that a license to serve alcohol was a separate process. No further action was taken.

7. Identification and Implementation of Methodology for Keeping Committee Apprised of Projects in the Town:  Ann Redmer reported that she had received from Sue Douglas a list of zoning permits and building permits and would keep it updated as the zoning chairperson informed her of his inspections. She also reported that she would draft a letter for new property owners and that this along with a copy of the appropriate zoning for the property could be provided. She pointed out that the newspaper is now publishing Town property transactions on a weekly basis.

8. Topics for Next Agenda: Continuing discussion and possible action on the Travis Schuh property issue.

9. Adjournment: Moved by Brad Inman, seconded by Ann Redmer to adjourn the meeting at 7:58 pm. Motion carried 4 – 0 on a voice vote.

Ann Redmer, Secretary
Town of Plymouth Planning and Zoning Committee
Rock County, Wisconsin

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