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Planning & Zoning Meeting
May 30, 2017

MAY 30, 2017
8219 W. HIGH ST.
Committee Members Present:  Brad Inman (Chairman), Lee Schroeder, Charlie Vogt, Ann Redmer, and Alan Connell.
Others Present: Bill Redmer, Sean Snyder, Kim Dooley, Sue Douglas, Mike Harasti, and Colin Byrnes.
Notice of the meeting having been properly posted May 27, 2017 at the Plymouth Town Hall and on the Town of Plymouth website, the meeting was called to order by Brad Inman, Chairman, at 7:05 pm at the Plymouth Town Hall. The Pledge of Allegiance followed.
Approval of Agenda: Moved by Ann Redmer, seconded by Brad Inman to approve the agenda as posted for the May 30, 2017 meeting.  Approved on a 5 – 0 voice vote.
Approval of the minutes of the March 28, 2017 meeting: Motion made by Alan Connell, seconded by Charlie Vogt to approved the minutes as presented. Approved on a 5 – 0 voice vote.
Citizen Participation, Communications, and Announcements: None.
Michael Harasti’s Request to Build Storage Sheds on his B1 Property:  Mr. Harasti was present. He explained that he was interested in constructing 10 units 10 feet wide by 24 feet deep along the back end of his property. His intention would be to provide rental storage units. He would be excavating for dry stick construction with steel siding on a concrete slab. He was still exploring options for electric. Discussion ensued regarding the potential for this project on Mr. Harasti’s property. Chairman Brad Inman pointed out that the property has B1 zoning which is appropriate, but unfortunately is small (193 feet north to south by 138 feet east to west) and would be limited to 864 square feet for construction. There would also be concern about the required setback from County Highway H. Colin Byrnes stated that the set back by county standards would have to be 115 feet from the center of the highway and 75 feet from the lot line. Alan Connell pointed out that the setback requirement in the town zoning ordinance was even stricter. He cited Section 8.0 of the ordinance, Highway Setback Lines & Roadside Regulations, p. 94, requiring 150 feet from the centerline of the highway or 100 feet from the right-of-way line, whichever is greater.” It was generally agreed that more acreage would be required to accommodate the project as currently proposed.
Discussion with Rock County Planning and Development and Plymouth Town Board about MOA and partnership with Town of Plymouth:  Colin Byrnes, Head of Rock County Planning and Zoning, was present and provided information on the history and content of the memorandum of agreement between the county and the town to partner on zoning issues. The board and the committee were made aware that there are actually three separate steps in the permitting process for any building in the town. The process starts with the town zoning officer who reviews the zoning issues and if appropriate issues a zoning permit. The process continues with the county planning department who reviews all the issues relating to the appropriateness of the land use and the siting of the construction. The final step of the process is with the town’s building inspector to assure all construction is in compliance with code. Discussion ensued with clarification of past confusion with the process.

Topics for Next Agenda: The following were suggested as possible agenda iems - Jim Heaton proposal for a solar farm on Orfordville/Hanover Road; A possible land division and rezoning request with public hearing; and an update on the Travis Schuh property issue.
Adjournment: Moved by Alan Connell, seconded by Lee Schroeder to adjourn the meeting at 9:42 pm. Motion carried 5 – 0 on a voice vote.

Ann Redmer, Secretary
Town of Plymouth Planning and Zoning Committee
Rock County, Wisconsin


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