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Town Board Meeting
Aug 08, 2017

Plymouth Town Board
Town of Plymouth, Rock County, Wisconsin
August 8, 2017

Board Members Present: Chairperson Sean Snyder, Supervisor Kim Dooley and Supervisor Bill Redmer
Board Members Absent:  None
Others Present:  Clerk Susan Douglas, Treasurer Tippy Phillips, Planning and Zoning Chairperson Brad Inman and 6 members of the public. 

Notice of Meeting was properly posted.  Meeting called to order by Chairperson Snyder at 7:00 p.m. at the Plymouth Town Hall.  The Pledge of Allegiance followed.

1. Agenda for August 8, 2017 Meeting:  Dooley/Snyder moved and seconded to approve the agenda as presented.  Motion carried on a 3-0 voice vote.

2. Citizen Participation, Communications, and Announcements:
Paul Purdy, 2727 S West St. in Hanover, stated he was concerned about the lack of drainage in the ditches and culvert near his house.  He stated the ditch across the road by the railroad tracks needed to be dredged. 
Joshua Furnald, ISM LLC, presented information about Pristine Sun, a renewable energy company, which leases approximately 10 acres from property owners for 20 to 25 years for solar energy fields.  He stated Pristine Sun was interested in an installation on property owned by Charles Hesgard on Orfordville-Hanover Road.
Larry Harding reported on the County Emergency Services meeting he attended on behalf of the Town of Plymouth.  He stated the Committee was interested in the idea of installing a warning siren on the tower at County H and Hwy 213.  He reported the members suggested getting some towns together for a meeting about the importance of weather radios in homes.  Larry stated the Committee also discussed safety concerns about rural homes with driveways which make it difficult or impossible for emergency vehicles to get to the structures. 

3. Approval of Minutes of Meetings: 
Dooley/Redmer moved and seconded to approve the minutes of the July 11, 2017 monthly meeting as presented.  Motion carried on a 3-0 voice vote.

4. Town Treasurer’s Financial Statement:
Treasurer Tippy Phillips explained the treasurer’s report ending July 31, 2017 with a Total Balance of $82,523.79 for all accounts.  Dooley/Redmer moved and seconded to approve the treasurer’s report as presented.  Motion carried on a 3-0 voice vote.  Tippy explained how personal property taxes were collected and if personal property taxes were not paid by January 31st of the year, those taxes were delinquent and it then becomes the responsibility of the local treasurer to collect the delinquent taxes.  Currently there is one delinquent personal property account for the Town of Plymouth.

5. Planning and Zoning Discussion and Possible Action
5.1. Report on July 25, 2017 Meeting:  Chairperson Brad Inman reported the Committee worked on the Travis Schuh ordinance violation and the Vanessa Herald permit controversy.
5.2. Ordinance Violation:  Travis Schuh:  Brad Inman reported the illegal building was down after the deadline but the property was a mess.  He stated Mr. Schuh had not obtained a raze permit and had not paid the Town of Plymouth for its expenses.  The Committee recommends the Town Board refers the matter to the Town Attorney. Discussion was heard on Town Board options.  Supervisor Redmer stated he would discuss it with the Town Attorney.
5.3. Vanessa Herald Zoning & Building Permits:  Vanessa Herald received a zoning permit for a single-family residence.  Her building plans submitted to the building inspector show two separate structures. The building inspector issued two building permits because there were two separate structures attached by a 40-foot walkway in the building plans submitted.  Her property is zoned A-2 and according to the Plymouth Zoning Ordinance a single farm residence is allowed on A-2 property. A farm residence is defined as a single-family residence or a duplex with restrictions of who can occupy the residence. Brad Inman stated a revised zoning permit was issued to Vanessa Herald for a duplex on her property at 6666 W Stuart Rd as recommended by the Committee.  This permit replaced the earlier permit issued for a single-family dwelling.  Ann Redmer, Secretary of Planning and Zoning Committee, stated the Committee recommended that Vanessa alter her plans so the two separate buildings are connected by a common contiguous roof and common frost protecting floor.
Snyder/ Redmer moved and seconded to require Vanessa Herald to alter the building plans so the two separate living quarters are connected with a common continuous roof and floor. Motion carried on a 2-1 voice vote. Yes (Snyder & Dooley) No (Redmer).
Supervisor Redmer stated he was concerned some town officials were not defending the Zoning Ordinance and they needed to be very careful to follow the Zoning Ordinance as written.  He stated the Town cannot please everyone and formal procedures are in place for appeals.  He stated the Town Board needed to have control over the Zoning Officer position and was concerned the current Zoning Ordinance does not provide for such oversight.  Supervisor Redmer requested the Zoning Officer bring anything looking remotely unusual to the attention of the Planning & Zoning Committee and/or the Town Board before issuing a zoning permit.  He stated the Town cannot allow situations like the Herald permit problem to occur in the future. 
Supervisor Dooley stated Town officials needed to work together as a team. 

6. Unfinished Business for Discussion and Possible Action
6.1. Building Inspector Services
6.1.1. SAFEbuilt Contract:  Redmer/Dooley moved & seconded to terminate building inspector services with SAFEbuilt.  Motion carried on a 3-0 voice vote.  Clerk Sue Douglas will contact SAFEbuilt to determine the actual termination date.
6.1.2. Selection of New Building Inspector:  Dooley/Redmer moved and seconded to approve the proposal from Municipal Zoning and Inspection Services (MZIS) for building inspector services.  Motion carried on a 3-0 voice vote.
6.2. Town Building Inspection Fee Schedule:  A proposed building inspection fee schedule from MZIS was reviewed.  Clerk Sue Douglas will prepare the fee schedule as an ordinance for Board approval at next month’s meeting. 
6.3. Replacing Town Hall Flooring:  Chairperson Snyder reported he was still working on getting additional bids for replacing Town Hall flooring.

7. New Business for Discussion and Possible Action
7.1. Memo of Understanding Between Rock County and Town of Plymouth for the Statewide Voter Registration System:   Clerk Sue Douglas explained that the Rock County Clerk’s Office maintained the voter registration records of Plymouth residents.  Snyder/Dooley moved and seconded to approve the Memo of Understanding Between Rock County and Town of Plymouth for the Statewide Voter Registration System for 2018-2019.  Motion passed on a 3-0 voice vote.
7.2. Intergovernmental Agreement with Neighboring Municipality for Municipal Court Services:  Supervisor Redmer stated he would like the Town Board to pursue an intergovernmental agreement with a neighboring municipality for municipal court services and will continue to research the concept.
7.3. Updating Ordinance 1992-1 Prohibiting the Storage of Non-Registered Vehicles or Abandoned Vehicles and Ordinance 1993-1 Health, Sanitation and Property Maintenance:  Supervisor Redmer stated last month these ordinances needed to be updated and has contacted the Town Attorney in regards to updating them.

8. Supervisors’ Report
8.1. Ordinance Enforcement: Supervisor Redmer stated he was working on a complaint about weeds, in particular Palmer amaranth, in the Town of Plymouth.
8.2. Road Maintenance/Road Projects: Supervisor Kim Dooley reported she had a complaint about pot holes in a section of Old Highway 11 adjacent to Village of Orfordville.  This section of road is in Town of Spring Valley, Town of Plymouth and the Village of Orfordville. She stated she had received many calls in regards to drainage problems probably due to all the rain and was researching who was responsible for maintenance of culverts, driveways, and ditches.

9. Clerk’s Report
Clerk Sue Douglas reported the Rock County Health Department offered residents the opportunity to have their water wells tested at a reduced rate and 44 residents participated.
There are extra testing kits at the Town Hall if any resident wants to have their water tested by the Rock County Health Department.

10. Chairperson’s Report 
Chairperson Snyder stated Town of Plymouth would be hosting the Rock County Unit of the Wisconsin Towns Association meeting in September. 

11. Approval and Payment of Bills
Snyder/Dooley moved and seconded to approve the payment of all bills presented which included Check #9998 through Check # 10008 for a total of $ 13,604.24.  Motion carried on a 3-0 voice vote.

12. Adjournment
Snyder/Redmer moved and seconded to adjourn.  Motion carried on 3-0 voice vote.
Meeting adjourned at 10:05 p.m.
Respectfully Submitted,

Susan Douglas, Plymouth Town Clerk
Minutes approved ______, 2017 by Town Board

NOTE:  Minutes not official until approved  by Town Board


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