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Plymouth Town Board

The Plymouth Town Board consists of Chairperson and two Supervisors.  The Clerk and Treasurer attend Board Meetings but are non-voting positions.  All of these are elected positions with 2 year terms, elected at the Spring Election in odd years.  The Town Board serves as the community's legislative body, having responsibilities for enacting Town Ordinances, appropriating funds to conduct Town business, and has charge of all town affairs not given by statue to another body, officer, or employee. 

Town Chairperson
The chairperson is the presiding officer at town board meetings and town meetings.  The chairperson is a member of the town board and has a vote like any other supervisor.
Sean Snyder, 608-449-5800 
Town Supervisors
Kim Dooley,  608-921-0334     (Road Maintenance)

Bill Redmer,  608-449-4699     (Ordinance Officer)

Town Clerk
The Clerk is the administrator of elections as well as the custodian of official Town records and proceedings of the Town Board.

Sue Douglas,  608-879-4012, Town Office
                         608-876-6112, Home

Town Treasurer
The Treasurer is responsible for the custody and maintenance of all Town funds.
Tippy Phillips,  608-879-4012, Town Office
                          608-290-2211, Home
Appointed Officials:

Building Inspector
The Building Inspector issues building permits and performs inspection of new construction, additions or remodeling, plus those required per the Zoning Ordinance.
SafeBuilt,  800-422-5220

Town Assessor
The function of the Assessor is to discover, list and value all properties in the Town of Plymouth.
Associated Appraisal Consultants, Inc., 1-800-721-4157

Planning and Zoning Committee
The function and duty of the Planning and Zoning Committee is to review all plat, subdivision and zoning changes and forwarding said recommendations to the Town Board.  Committee also issued Conditional Use Permits.  Zoning officer issues Zoning Permits which are necessary before any building permits are issued by the building inspector.
Chairperson & Zoning Officer:  Brad Inman, 608-921-8114
Allan Connell, 608-931-9588
Ann Redmer, 608-201-7188
Lee Schroeder, 608-879-2610
Charlie Vogt, 608-879-2237

Board of Appeals
Lori Inman, Chairperson
Karl Kleinschmidt
Sindy Weis
Nate Woodman
Bill Zimney
Don Bomkamp, Alternate
Jin Ponkauskas, Alternate