Jul 10, 2014 Open Book

Town of Plymouth Notice of Open Book:  Notice is hereby given that in accordance with Sec.70.45 of Wis. Statutes,  the assessment  roll  for  the  Year  2014  will  be open  for  examination  on  the  10th   day  of  July 2014  at  Plymouth Town Hall, Hanover WI  from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  The assessor will be present to answer any and all questions.
Instructional  material  about  the  assessment  and  Board of  Review  procedures  will  be  available  at  that  time  for  information  on  how  to  file  an  objection  and  the  Board of  Review  procedures  under  Wisconsin  law.

Notice is hereby given this 25th day of June 2014 by:
Susan Douglas, Town Clerk
Town of Plymouth, Rock County Wisconsin
Hanover Post Office  Plymouth Town Hall-outside   Kenneth S. Wells American Legion Post 209
Bass Creek Golf Club  Town Sanitary District #1
Also:  Farmers & Merchants Bank, Orfordville, WI and Town of Plymouth Website:  www.townofplymouthwi.com