Market Update Revaluation

Town of Plymouth, Rock County, Wisconsin:  A market update revaluation of all taxable real estate assessments in the Town of Plymouth, Rock County, State of Wisconsin, pursuant to Wisconsin Statutes 70.055, for the assessment year of 2018. The approximate dates of the revaluation notices being sent to property owners is expected to be in July 2018. Please also notice that the Assessor has certain statutory authority to enter land as described in state law (secs. 943.13 and 943.15, Wis. Stats.). The ability to enter land is subject to several qualifications and limitations, as described within the foregoing statutes. Copies of the applicable statutes can be obtained at public depositories throughout the State of Wisconsin, and from the Wisconsin State Legislature website or a copy may be obtained from the municipal clerk upon payment of applicable copying charges.

Susan Douglas
Town of Plymouth